A New Era in Training for Law Enforcement!

TargetSolutions and Calibre Press have created engaging online law enforcement training on public safety’s most trusted LMS. Keep your agency in compliance with the industry’s leading learning management system for law enforcement.

One of the greatest tools a law enforcement professional possesses is the ability to influence the overall outcome of interactions. These courses focus on today’s peacekeeper and their ability to effectively evaluate others – and by means of communication – make sound decisions that result in safe and successful resolutions.

Numerous case studies, scientific research, and a wide array of videos of real-life encounters are utilized to offer training scenarios with the goal of understanding improving your de-escalation techniques and conflict resolution skills.

" TargetSolutions has helped us improve the quality and efficiency of our training. It has made training more readily available and simple to deliver."

Erin Belham | North Attleboro Police Department (Mass.)